Styling: How To | SUITS

A suit is up there with my all-time favourite articles of clothing. While traditionally suits have been considered to be smart attire that's reserved as workwear it just isn't the case anymore! Suits in every colour of the rainbow are available from the high street to designer labels in casual to tailored cuts so whatever your preference or budget there's something for you.

The ability to dress a suit up and down makes it one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. It's one of my favourite pieces to use when styling lingerie as outerwear. If you're hesitant about the underwear as outerwear trend, a suit can be a great place to start. While some clothing used to show off underwear as outerwear can be hard to wear in a covered-up way (think shirts with deep draped v-necks or sheer/lace tops) suits can easily be worked into the rest of your wardrobe for more conservative occasions.

If you pick the right suit, even when showing off a flash of underwear you needn't feel exposed. Making sure to choose a high waisted pair of trousers or high waisted pencil skirt ensures that your midriff is covered. Choosing slightly longer jackets also helps with this and these can be more flattering than shorter jackets that stop above the hip. It's also important, depending on the look you're going for, to make sure you choose a suit jacket that buttons at the front. Some suits feature jackets without a fastening which can work well worn with bodysuits but tend to not work as well when worn with bras and bralettes.

After getting such amazing feedback on my styling posts over on Instagram I thought I'd put together a little run down of my favourite lingerie pieces to style with a suit to hopefully give you a little bit of styling inspiration with styles you might already have in your wardrobe!


Longline bras are a great option for pairing with outerwear as they can often look less like lingerie and more similar to current crop top styles available from standard fashion brands. The thicker underband area allows you to cover more of your upper midriff than with a traditional bra so you don't have to show too much skin if you don't want to. If you're after a sexier, date night look opt for a plunge style cup for extra cleavage or if you're after a more casual or workwear look opt for a more full coverage cup.


Bralettes are perfect for a comfortable, casual and on-trend look. Their casual style means that they often show minimal cleavage, with many also featuring wider underbands. Bralettes can also be a great option as they can take a look anywhere. Opt for one from Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger paired with trainers for a chic and sporty look. Opting for a style in a contrasting colour to your suit creates a simple yet bold statement and opting for embellished or lacy styles work perfectly for a relaxed and sexy look.


Bodysuits are a great entry pieces into styling underwear as outerwear. They provide the most coverage and can easily be worn with any style of suit, they also look the least like underwear and so work well in more conservative situations. Like bralettes, bodysuits can easily be used to dress a look up or down. For more relaxed looks opt for a soft cup body in a block colour that contrasts the rest of your outfit. For a more dressed up look opt for something embroidered or with lace accents that will frame the suit.


To up your underwear as outerwear game, be on the lookout for pieces that feature interesting back designs. Brands such as Bordelle and Studio Pia feature adjustability in their designs and ensure these details are as beautiful as they are functional. These details can add an extra layer to an outfit and make sure that if you take your jacket off your outfit still looks 100% from every angle. Pieces with hidden or no fastenings can also work really well as they can look seamless and give overall a more outerwear feel to the look.


I'd love to know what your favourite outerwear pieces to style with lingerie are and what you'd like to see next to continue this styling series!