STUDIO PIA- Raina [Review]

(Note: I paid for this set myself with my own money and all my thoughts are my own.)

Thus far I've gotten my hands on at least one Studio Pia set every season, and let me tell you that's not a coincidence! I have been consistently blown away by the designs Pia has created ever since the Jungle collection was released.

Some of you may be aware that I interned on and off at Studio Pia during my time at university, and I'm now incredibly lucky to work for the brand as a freelancer. Does that make me biased? Maybe a little, I'm not going to lie, but working with the brand and being able to see everything that goes on behind the scenes has only made me love the brand even more.

Studio Pia is based in London and currently produces all of its lingerie within the UK and Europe. Each exquisite embroidery used by the brand is completely bespoke, designed in house by Pia herself and then produced in France. The silk that is used in each design is 'peace silk', a silk that has been produced using a technique that does not kill the silkworm and instead allows it to exit its cocoon naturally and live out its full life cycle. Oh, and it's also organic, free from pesticides and woven using solar power! So, not only does Studio Pia look good, but it does good too.

Out of the whole Spring Summer collection, that was inspired by the work of Guy Bourdin, Raina was the range that really drew my eye. Not only was I won over by the absolutely stunning embroidery with its little red nails and lips but also by the addition of two new shapes; the longline Quarter Cup Bra and the Waist Thong.

All of Studio Pia's pieces are completely adjustable, with their wired bras fitting across three bra sizes and all their other pieces fitting across two dress sizes. I purchased the Quarter Cup Bra in size 2, which equates to a UK 30D/32C/34B, and the Waist Thong in size 1-2, which equates to a UK size 6-8.

The bra itself fits the truest to size out of all the Studio Pia pieces I own. Some of the older designs fit a lot tighter and require a fair bit of loosening in the band in order to fit comfortably. Whereas the Raina Quarter Cup can be comfortably adjusted to the smallest possible band size for a snug fit.

Even though Quarter Cup bras are often seen as less wearable pieces, I've already got a good amount of wear out of this as the cup has a fair bit more coverage than some other Quarter Cups that are on the market. On my breasts, the edges of the cups just cover my nipples which gives a decent amount of support. While it isn't a bra I'd wear all day, I have worn it on short outings and to dinner with no problems!

Typically, I tend to be on the fence about whether I prefer briefs to thongs and both the Raina bottoms are absolutely gorgeous, but I've been on a huge high waisted kick lately so that clinched it for me. I did initially have some uncertainty around which size of the thong to go with as the size 1-2 was a tiny bit tight on my waist but the size 3-4 was just too big at both the waist and the crotch. Overall, I'm happy I ultimately went with the smaller size as it does a fantastic job of cinching my waist and stays firmly in place all day with no problems!

I have always been blown away by the quality of each of my Studio Pia pieces. The construction is really second to none and no details have been spared. There is such a huge amount of care and respect for each of the fabrics and components that make up each of these pieces and it really shows.

This set retailed for £420. While that is a large sum of money, I truly believe you get what you pay for. From the bespoke embroidery to the ethically sourced peace silk and 24k gold plated components, no expense has been spared and every single element has been fully considered.

Studio Pia continues to be one of my all-time favourite lingerie brands. Very few brands are as creative and as conscious with their pieces as Studio Pia is and every season provides me with a challenge deciding which pieces I'm going to purchase (because honestly, I'd buy everything if I had the money.)

The Raina Waist Thong is now sold out but you can still shop the Raina Quarter Cup Bra here!


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