Love and Swans | Siesta [review]

It occurred to me when writing this that I hadn't posted anything to this site since December last year! Whoops, I guess there are few things as on-brand as that. This year has been an abnormal one and being stuck indoors for so long burnt me out a little bit. I hate to admit it, but I also became a bit fed up of lingerie.

This is where Love and Swans came in. After not feeling excited by lingerie for months, I finally felt that rush of joy on seeing their first collection, because if there's one thing lockdown has made me appreciate, it's comfy lingerie that's exquisitely designed.

Love and Swans is a new, independent Russian lingerie brand, specialising in easy to wear mesh pieces finished with intricate embroidery and beading. Very rarely do I come across a brand doing something unique but Love and Swans pieces really feel like nothing else I am used to seeing.

After much deliberation, I decided to purchase the 'Siesta Soft Bra' and the 'Oyster High Waist Knicker' from the brands SS20 Siesta collection.

If you've followed me for a while you'll be well aware of my obsession with packaging. An area so often overlooked by brands, I believe the true mark of a luxury brand is the packaging they choose to ship their pieces in. Receiving my order and unpackaging it was truly an experience. Wrapped in gorgeous branded paper and housed in a baby pink box, complete with a care card, wash bag and a lovely handwritten note from Maria.

I'd gained a bit of weight during lockdown, so I was unsure which sizes to go with. After talking with the brand on Instagram, we decided on a medium in the bra and a small in the knicker. I tend to find bralettes quite hard to size as I usually need a bigger size in the cup to the band which can lead to them feeling a little too big. Whilst I could easily have the band tighter on this bra, it is still comfortable to wear for long periods. The cup doesn't dig into my breast tissue at all and gives me enough coverage that I would feel comfortable wearing this as outerwear due to the double layers of mesh to the front panel. The only issue I have found is that the shoulder straps do tend to loosen during the day, especially if you are moving around a lot. The high waisted knicker, which features a thong back, is incredibly soft with a significant amount of stretch which I hope will see me through some continued weight fluctuations. The knicker I received features additional leg harness straps, however, the piece can be made without these if they are not up your alley. These harness straps seem to be growing in popularity as of late and I think they're a great way to mimic the look of suspenders, especially in the summer when it is too hot for stockings.

I am truly impressed with the quality of Love and Swans. The mesh is beautifully soft and the stitching used to construct each piece is impeccable, without a single stitch out of place. Even more impressive is the hand stitching of each embroidered motif. I can't imagine how much time it takes to put each of these pieces together and that makes each piece all the more special to me. They are each like little works of art.

All in all, I am blown away with the design and quality of these pieces, especially from such a new brand. I can say for certain that this won't be my last Love and Swans order and I cannot wait to see what the brand releases in the future!

Disclaimer: I purchased this set with my own money but the brand very kindly gave me a 20% off discount code.


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