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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Last year I made the conscious decision to start trying to elevate my toy collection after mostly buying from cheaper brands for a couple of years. Much like everything with a cheaper price tag, I found my toys weren't lasting as long as I would have liked and I was having to replace them more often than I ever wanted to. I'd also become entirely fed up of toys that require batteries because I don't know about everybody else but I rarely ever have batteries in the house (especially those pesky AAAs.)

Having rechargeable toys in my collection has completely changed the game for me, and these Je Joue toys changed it even more. All of Je Joue's chargers magnetically attach to each toy, which isn't something that I've seen before, and I love it! For whatever reason, I much prefer this to toys that charge via a port the charger needs to be inserted into. Two hours of charging each of the toys can give up to two hours of use, so you can get multiple uses out of one charge, perfect for a weekend away! Some of the chargers are also interchangeable, for example, the Mio and Mimi both use the same charger, so if you lose one charger you'll still be able to charge both toys. Which for me is very reassuring as I'm sure I'll misplace a charger one day. Je Joue also sells their charging cables individually in case you do ever need another. 

Whether you're looking to invest in something for solo or couples play, Je Joue has a great range of toys for every experience level. 

Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator

I knew even before using it that this would be my favourite toy out of the three. 

The Mimi Soft is a hard pebble-shaped clitoral vibrator with a soft tip that fits easily in your palm. The silicone used to make all of these toys is incredibly smooth and soft, as well as being FDA-approved body-safe, which makes using each of the toys a fully pleasurable experience. I am not a huge fan of vibrators, especially external ones, that are made from rigid materials (personal preference!) so I love this silicone. This silicone covering also allows the vibrator to be 100% waterproof, so you can use it whenever the mood takes you. 

The toys controls are all on the base. Two buttons used to switch the toy on and off (+ turns the vibrator on and - turns it off again) which also control the speed of the vibrations, as well as a single button in between them, used to switch between patterns. There are a total of 5 speeds and 7 different vibrations to choose from, so whether you're just starting to explore sex toys or you're a bit of a pro there's something for everyone.  

Once turned on the toy is relatively quiet, allowing for discrete play, while still being powerful. Sometimes cheaper products seem to sacrifice power to offer almost silent toys. I think Je Joue has struck a great balance between the two. 

The toy with its pointed tip, narrow sides and easy to hold shape allows for precise stimulation to your erogenous zones which makes it the perfect addition to penetrative sex if your one of the 75% of women who can't orgasm from penetration alone. This also means it's great for solo play whether you know exactly where you like stimulation or are still figuring out your body. The flat front/back of toy allows for broad stimulation which is perfect for foreplay and stimulating larger areas of the body.

Mio Cock Ring

The Mio cock ring uses the same silicone cover as the Mimi Soft, which means that while it is incredibly soft and smooth it is also extremely stretchy which makes this toy the perfect one size fits all. The thickness of the silicone means that while this toy can stretch to fit its user it fits firmly once it is on. 

The same button configuration found on the Mimi Soft is also present on the Mio, so once you've mastered one Je Joue toy you've mastered them all! (I find nothing more frustrating than sex toys that are so complicated I forget how to turn them on/use them.) The same vibration speeds and patterns are also used on the Mio so you can compare favourite speeds and patterns with your partner. Fun date night idea, maybe? 😆

I am thoroughly impressed with this little toy as the first cock ring I have had the opportunity to try. The stretch in the silicone makes it simple to put on, whether you're putting it on yourself or putting it on a partner, and take off. I've been told that it's comfortable to wear as well in case you're worried about the fit being a little too tight. 

Nuo v.2 Remote Play & Control Butt Plug

The Nuo was the toy I was most excited about testing out of all three. I've always had an interest in remote play toys for their use in long-distance relationships (and in the last few months their use during things like national lockdowns.) By downloading the Je Joue app you can connect to the Nuo and control the vibrations directly by swiping between speeds and patterns or you can create playlists and save them for later use, either for yourself or your partner. The toy is also able to be used without the app, with the same button configuration as the previous two toys if you're not into the idea of controlling your sex toy with a phone. 

The app itself is easy to download and connect the Nuo to. The vibration control can take a little bit of getting used to before you're able to perfectly manipulate the vibrations as you'd like but this comes with practice. The app also contains some helpful information such as health and safety tips when engaging in anal play as well as information on your toy, how to best clean your toy and charge it. The app can be used with the Dua as well, which is designed for g-spot and clitoral stimulation. 

The Nuo can be used by anyone with an interest in anal toys but it has been designed to stimulate the prostate. It's perfect for those who already enjoy prostate play and are looking for a luxurious, remote controllable toy to add to their collection as well as those who are interested in starting to explore prostate play. If you don't possess a prostrate, the Nuo can still be for you! While it is larger than I would recommend to those experimenting with anal play for the first time, it is a great next step. The soft silicone makes this a better starter toy than those made with glass or stainless steel which are much more rigid. The head of the toy which houses some of the vibrations is firm while the neck is a lot softer and more malleable, making it more comfortable to wear than toys made with harder materials. 

It's a toy that I'm sure I still haven't explored all the possibilities of, but that's what keeps me coming back. There's something incredibly exciting about a toy that gives so many possibilities it seems new each time you use it. 

All in all, I am so impressed with all the Je Joue toys I've been lucky enough to try. The quality of them, and their packaging, is second to none with no details overlooked. These are the type of toys, and boxes, that you feel bad for putting away in the drawer (or chest if you're me 😆.) In the future, I would love to try out some of their other insertable toys like the previously mentioned Dua and the Ami kegel set, so watch this space.

*Disclaimer: I received these products for free through a collaboration between Je Joue and my day job. I have not been paid for this review and all views are my own.*


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