Impudique - Nala [review]​

(Disclaimer: I was gifted this set in return for a review however, I have not been paid for this review and all thoughts are my own.)

I first discovered Impudique when they reached out to me on Instagram to introduce their brand. I was immediately intrigued by the pieces they were producing and I was over the moon when they told me they wanted to work with me.

Of all the pieces in the new 'Rebelle' collection 'Nala' was by far my favourite, because if there are two things I can't resist when it comes to lingerie it's open cups and copious amounts of strapping.

Anyone who has been following me on Instagram for a while knows of my neverending love affair with lingerie packaging. In my opinion, it's such an important part of the shopping experience. Beautiful lingerie should always be presented beautifully, and I was delighted when each of my Impudique pieces came individually packaged in a luxurious branded dust bag.

I ordered the Nala bra in a size 85B and the Nala crotchless brief in a size 1. Referring to the brand's size guide on their website I was in between sizes in the Nala bra, and having never ordered from a French brand before I wanted to be sure before ordering so I reached out to the brand with my measurements and they recommended an 85B.

The Nala bra features faux leather, lightly padded cups with a faux leather lace motif placed to cover the nipples along with a web of elastic strapping that can be adjusted for the perfect fit. In future when ordering again I would be interested in sizing up to an 85C as I did find the cup to be slightly small in this design, especially after my breasts have fully settled into it. The good thing about this style though is that the straps across the cups can be loosened to lessen this effect. When fully adjusted, I find the band fits quite well despite being a bigger size than I would usually wear. The biggest thing that surprised me about this bra was how comfortable it is. So often, styles like this are incredibly uncomfortable especially when worn for extended periods but this one was a breath of fresh air.

The crotchless brief fit perfectly in a size 1, with a quick bit of adjusting. The knicker features the same faux leather lace motif and panels as the bra along with incredibly soft mesh fabric at the gusset. While this piece isn't one I would wear for a particularly long period it is perfect as a showpiece for special occasions and date nights and it compliments the bra perfectly!

This set retails for €279, with the bra costing €170 and the brief costing €109. Personally, I feel like this a fair price for the quality of the pieces. All of Impudique's lingerie is designed and then hand-made in France with high-end materials and the construction of the Nala set is truly fantastic. Each stitch is meticulously placed and incredibly neat and there were no loose or untrimmed threads across both the bra and the brief. The use of rose gold hardware is also a nice touch that helps to differentiate the brand and make their pieces pop as so many brands stick to using plain gold hardware.

I am so grateful to Impudique for gifting me this set and introducing me to their brand, it is such a joy to discover new brands producing interesting designs. It was truly a challenge to choose my favourite set to review, so I can fully see myself returning to the brand in the future to purchase one of their full cup bras or bodysuits!

The bra can be purchased here:

The brief can be purchased here:


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