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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Hello, me again. Long-time no see. It's two months to the day since I last posted (I never intended it to be that long I promise 🤦🏻‍♀️.) It's been a busy couple of months, and I'm a terrible juggler, although I finally think I'm getting the hang of it. This blog post has been at least a month in the making, and I had intended to post it at the beginning of September but now almost seems like a more fitting time as the UK has fully entered Autumn at last. So, join me as I break down the three key trends in the lingerie industry for AW19. Explore the inspirations behind the current season and see how these trends have translated into the collections of both luxury and affordable brands.

AW19's most imaginative trend focuses on the natural and the mystic, merging the natural with traditionally gothic themes both in fabric and texture. Looking towards the darker sides of nature it takes inspiration from mythical fairy tales and the natural world. The contrasting colour palette takes advantage of both traditionally winter-friendly and summer-friendly colours to embrace its mythical ethos and evoke a bewitching femininity. Pieces that reflect this trend are simple yet romantic with inventively unique detailing that engages all the senses.

The luxury edit

Studio Pia- Naga Fleur of England- Cosmic Hesper Fox- Lucia

The affordable edit

Bluebella-Mara Curvy Kate- Rapture Thistle and Spire- Meadow

A trend that is going nowhere for AW19 (and beyond) is comfort. There is still a huge demand for thoughtfully designed pieces that are pure, natural and comfortable. Muted mid-tones and clean, contemporary brights rule the colour palette of this trend, creating bold colour statements. Pieces reflecting this trend show clean lines and a modern style and are timeless and long-lasting with multifunctional loungewear proving to be a winner. Textured, feminine details act as the icing on top of this hugely wearable trend.

The luxury edit

Myla- Covent Garden La Perla- Athena Agent Provocateur- Casper

The affordable edit

Next- Georgie Dora Larsen- Laura Boux Avenue- Sandy

The most youthful and expressive trend of AW19 draws its inspiration from art and culture with a strong focus on fabric and print. A soft and glamorous vintage aesthetic, as well as that of clean lines and negative space, is accentuated with a colour palette of sophisticated mid-tones and neutrals, with slick metallics also making an appearance. Lingerie as outerwear is most prevalent in this trend with extreme embellishment a common feature as well as a large use of satin to emphasis the softness and romance in this trend.

The luxury edit

Coco de Mer- Amalie Studio Pia- Thara Bordelle- Scala

The affordable edit

Miss Crofton- Jeanne Intimissimi- Mia Ann Summers- Sensual Siren


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