2019 Roundup - Top 10 Sets

It feels utterly insane that 2019 is coming to an end. This year simultaneously felt like it flew by and dragged on forever. A year of huge highs and horrendous lows, it feels good to see it end and draw a line under all that happened, now I'm just excited to see what 2020 brings!

It seemed fitting a put together a little round-up of the top 10 sets that came into my life in 2019. It took quite a while to look through everything I was lucky enough to get my hands on this year and choose which pieces were the absolute best, so it goes without saying that there are brands I love that are not included in the list mostly because the list had to end somewhere! Putting this together was a great way to reflect on how I spent my money in 2019 and decide how I want to spend going into 2020 (which will probably be its own post!)

I should add before I get underway with this list that it is in order of when the pieces were purchased because I just couldn't compare some of these incredible pieces.

Attollo- Lily bra and Polly bikini brief

I think this little set was my first purchase of 2019! Attollo was on my list of brands to try in 2019 and a sample sale the brand had at the start of the year seemed the perfect opportunity to test them out. I rarely actually buy bras in my actual size (I know, I know - I'm aware how bad that is!) but this Attollo bra is one of the few I own. It's a perfect everyday set which has stayed in my rotation all year, the simple shape and delicate colour mean it can super easily be worn under almost anything!

Studio Pia - Raina Quarter Cup Bra and Waist Thong

Another purchase from early in the year, I was smitten with Raina when I assisted with Studio Pia's SS19 runway back in Summer 2018. The delicate and cheeky embroidery is truly gorgeous, but the Waist Thong and Quarter Cup Bra shapes were what sold me on the set. This set is through and through a showstopper and the bra is a goldmine of styling opportunities!

Coco de Mer - Catch Me

The only set I purchased full price this year (what can I say I'm a bargain hunter!) I was completely in love with Coco de Mer's whole first collaboration with Playboy, but 'Catch Me' was the range that stole my heart. I just couldn't resist those little pink pom poms! While it's not one of my best fitting sets, it is one of my cutest that'll likely be making an appearance for Valentine's 2020.

Agent Provocateur - Felinda

An Agent Provocateur signature I never knew I needed, Felinda became my go-to everyday luxury set this year! In both green and red, I've already worn this set to death, it's just so comfortable and it does amazing things to my boobs. It also started my obsession with fifties style roll-on suspenders. If I had the cash I'd own this set in every colour.

Impudique - Nala set

2019 was a year that I tried to incorporate more lingerie into my outerwear and the bra of this set proved to be perfect for this. Impudique very kindly gifted me a set and I knew immediately Nala was the set I wanted. I love the directional strapping of the bra and the open back of the brief is a delightfully cheeky addition. I'm excited to see what this new brand on my radar does in the future!

Elf Zhou - Silk Open Bra

Before this year I only had one Elf Zhou piece in my collection, but I knew I wanted more and a sample sale held earlier this year was the perfect opportunity to make this happen. My favourite piece I came away with was a burgundy frame bra, that has already made its debut as outerwear, along with matching pasties and a matching girdle suspender (due to my previously mentioned obsession!) Photos of this ensemble will be coming in the New Year, and I cannot wait to shoot it.

Dora Larsen - Bonnie body

It had been a while since I'd purchased from Dora Larsen, but this new bodysuit style and colour combo won me over. I'd purchased one of the original wired bodysuits when they were first released but the sizing didn't work too well with my boobs and I had hopes that this style would be a bit more forgiving. I was right! The fit of the soft cup body is much better suited to my shape (boobs slightly bigger than my frame) than the wired body is. A full review is in the works and should make its appearance in the New Year!

Orchid Corsetry - Scarlett silk cupped overbust corset with steel blue silk detail

Another brand I was so lucky to be able to try this year was Orchid Corsetry! I picked up a couple of corsets in 2018 and that whetted my appetite to expand my collection in 2019. This red corset I picked up during their sample sale makes me feel unstoppable and the workmanship is second to none. I cannot wait to properly photograph this piece (and another cheeky piece you may have seen over on my Instagram 😉) and put the rest of my thoughts down in a separate blog post because this brand definitely deserves it!

Next - Georgie Set

Another new favourite everyday set is Georgie from Next! I've raved quite a bit about Next's lingerie offering this year, something I wasn't even aware of before I was kindly gifted a set by the brand. Georgie is such a great simple shape that is as cute as it is comfortable. The lace is super soft and the panels of silk satin are a luxurious touch you don't often find in high street pieces. Alongside Felinda this has probably been my most worn set this year, despite only being kindly gifted it in October! A review of this set is also currently in the works (there is a running pattern here) and again should be up in the New Year.

Bordelle - Bondage Angela Dress Cream

Ticking off something at the top of my wishlist was maybe the biggest lingerie highlight of the year for me! There's nothing I don't love about the Bondage Angela dress. The colour, the style and the fit are all perfect. I'm torn between wearing it all the time and framing it and putting it in my living room so I can just stare at it (I'm kidding - maybe!)

And with that, 2019 is a wrap!

I'll see all of you wonderful people in the New Year 💋


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